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Smoky, chilled vocals accompany haunting, echoed productions as brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged perform in tandem to create ominous, poetic listening experiences. Having spent several years as session performers, touring with names including Robin Thicke and Raphael Saadiq, Los Angles duo Inc. seemingly take influence from their respected peers whilst assembling their own brand of unique soul to create their sound.

Focused on serene musical soundscapes, rather than sexually provocative lyricism, will engage with audiences far beyond the commercial R&B genre into soul, electronica, indie pop and chillout music, fusing airy vocals with subtle instrumentals. Whilst their 2011 EP 3 sported various snappy cuts which channelled Prince and others, it has been their recently released debut album, No World, which really made people take notice of the enigmatic act.

With 12 consistent tracks of low bass, enigmatically sung verses and beautifully constructed chords, their album’s mellow atmosphere instantly takes listeners into a world of intimacy, enchantment and mystery, providing numerous appeasing experiences along its duration. Featured single “The Place” is a cool, finger snapping composition, the Aged brothers work their magic over a more modern R&B sound.

Soft whispers and various drops in pitch are the distinguishable features of Inc. with regards to delivery. But its effectiveness is due in part to the excellent production on hand, with a nod to the ’90s era of Rhythm and Blues clearly found in cuts such as “5 Days.” The duo’s ability to blur the lines between genres is also admirable – constructing darkened electro pop akin to SBTRKT and The XX whenever diverting away from their refined R&B formula – as found on “Black Wings.”

An act stripped of gimmicks, controversy and melodramatic vocal ranges, Inc.’s vivid musical constructions showcase the beauty in the subtleness of music. The faint drums, condensation like melodies and delicate compositions are engulfing and hypnotic. A hybrid of the folk act Kings of Convenience submerged in black music of the 1990s and finely polished by the new millennium’s electronica phase, Inc. are on course to establishing their own legacy whilst reaffirming the return to greatness of a genre slowly freeing itself from the clichés of decades ago.

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