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From serenading Hip Hop cuts with luscious vocals to going to crafting soulful beats, meet 22 year old Emmavie Mbongo – known simply as Emmavie – a name which is set to emerge amongst the list of future stars from the UK.

The singer, songwriter and producer’s credits have spawned across a number of emerging UK artists’ work over the last few years,her sensual harmonies evoking the spirit of vintage ’90s RnB and Soul as she produces seamless stirring choruses and bridges with a close-knit team of rappers, singers and producers; including emerging producer Alfa Mist and previous Get Familiar alumni Franklyn Music.

Featuring on Franklyn’s cover of 2pac‘s “Do For Love,” Emmavie executes the Bobby Caldwell sampling chorus with a delicacy in her solid performance. When tackling the haunting James Blake record “Retrograde,” the north London starlet adds a neo-soul twist to Alfa Mist’s reworking of the cult favourite.

Although her collaborative work has been the most prominent material available to date, Emmavie’s solo efforts as a performer, producer and songwriter are just as impressionable. Her solo cut “Seamless” oozes vintage R&B goodness with the vocalist’s sultry tones encapsulating the mood.

When stepping behind the boards to construct fellow singer Catherine Sera‘s “You,” a dreamy musical landscape is arranged to weave seamlessly with Sera’s lovestruck stanzas.

It may be early days in the career of Ms Mbongo but, with the richness and depth already displayed in her material, there seems to be clear potential for the songstress to make a lasting impact. Stay tuned for her EP later this year.

Emmavie online: @EmmavieSXF / Soundcloud / YouTube

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