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The Confect : Get Familiar

January 21st, 2013 | by Henry Yanney
The Confect : Get Familiar
Get Familiar

With the UK having a solid reputation for developing some of the most groundbreaking production outfits in music, a young collective are fast emerging as one of the future leaders in re-defining the soundscape for future UK ‘Urban’ Music.

The Confect (also known as The Confectionery), are a handful of talented producers from north London who have left their distinctive imprint on many genres of underground music for the last five years and look set to emerge onto the greater stage of commercial music for 2013 and beyond. Made up of beatmakers TJ, Ones, Miles, Sasman and Jo, The Confect have become renowned for their meshing of numerous traits from the genres of Grime, Hip Hop, UK Garage, and Dubstep to create their own unique atmospheric blend which has breathed life into many projects throughout the years.

First coming to prominence in 2007, The Confect’s work on the likes of Guvna B and Franklyn Music drew praise from fans for the depth in their productions and for adding their own twist on the sound expected from the genre. But arguably the producers’ first landmark moment came when they took control of all the musical credits on previous Get Familiar alumni Nick Brewer‘s excellent debut “Alone With My Thoughts”. A mixtape which introduced the wider world to both The Confect and Brewer, Alone With My Thoughts’ fusing of pulse raising Grime beats with emotive, haunting scores was the formula to the rapper’s successful first outing. The relationship between Brewer and the collective remains strong even today, as the outfit provided an emotionally torn musical wave for “Ashamed”, the newest track taken from the east London rapper.

Whilst many “bedroom producers” have excelled in recreating the Grime and Hip Hop sounds, The Confect have also successfully crafted a number of tracks from a different end to the Grime musical spectrum. A sensitive and acoustic approach is taken on UK Gospel artist Leke‘s “Closer”, whilst promising Nottingham vocalist Joel Baker was aided with a tranquil musical score for his rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s cult favourite “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”.

Arguably the biggest name credit on their list of collaborations thus far came when The Confect laid down an appropriate highly charged anthem for Grime general Ghetts in “On A Level”. The revered MC delivered his signature passionate performance over the off-the-wall production, rounding off a truly tiring graft towards recognition for the ever working producers.

Constantly adding dimensions to newcomers in addition to bringing their A-game to more established acts, The Confect’s early journey has produced many highlights thus far and with their profile evergrowing, it won’t be long before the UKs best of the best will be fusing their patented rhymes with the outfits fresh orchestration. Stay locked for The Confect’s debut EP exclusively on SoulCulture in the coming months.

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