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No stranger to the music scene, this young Liverpudlian first generated a buzz under the alias of Young Kof with a sound that combined house and electro. Having performing at Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing Stage in 2009 and collaborated with the Godfather of Grime Wiley in 2010 on his debut track “Fire It Up,” the singer now simply going by Kof has built up a solid name for himself on the UK underground scene.

Transitioning to a new organic sound in 2011, combining his soulful voice, melodic flow and use of live instruments with raw creative talent allowed him to be heavily involved in all areas of his career – and he was exposed to a new, mainstream audience with his record “Looking At Me,” which showcased his vocal ability coupled with a feel good beat earning him commercial recognition with the help of his management The Playmaker Group.

Continuing on in the same fashion, “Be Like You” represents Kof’s desired position in the industry, with strong lyrics carrying a positive message whilst his production skills fuse the upbeat sounds he was previously known for dabbling in – the new school sound of Drum’n’Bass – with a distinct, old school flair.

His obvious love for live instruments, his past and current influences have enabled him to draw on all of these sounds to create his unique identity. Like many unsigned artists currently gaining success without the help of a big machine, Kof serves as a welcome breath of fresh air mixing a variety of flavours old and new, not to mention showing that UK talent is far from restricted to London.

His new material continues to demonstrate his dynamic mix of heartfelt lyrical content and vocal delivery, drawing on the sounds he loves to create a true depiction of Kof. Whether or not he decides to sign with a label, if what we’ve heard so far is anything to measure by his forthcoming material should continue to please.

Kof online: kofmusic.com / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

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