Kapow!, the UK’s largest comic convention now in its second year, is in London this weekend. After welcoming around 10,000 visitors at the inaugural convention, 30% of those being women, organisers Lucy and Sarah Unwin hope to see an even bigger turnout of women this year.

The Unwin sisters pride themselves on the convention’s friendly and inclusive environment and not only want to see a bigger turnout of female visitors, but would also like to include more female guest speakers in the future, as this year’s event features only nine women on its list of 57 comic creators.

“We ourselves as women organising the show have been accused of misogyny because of the obviously male guest list, but there is just this lack of female creators and it’s the nature of the industry,” Lucy tells the Guardian. “There’s no point in taking it to heart because I don’t employ the creators.”

Lucy is in a relationship with Max Millar, the co-creator of the blockbuster movie Kick-Ass and arguably Britain’s biggest comic book writer, and has received a lot of flack about who the true brains behind Kapow! really is. While Lucy admits that she knew nothing about the industry before meeting Millar and couldn’t have done it without his contacts, Millar has no qualms with defending her and her sister, stating, “This is their money, their risk and their show and what two sisters have done is come into what was always very much a boys’ world and changed the whole game.”

The Kapow! comic convention will be held May 19-20 at the Business Design Centre in Islington. For more information, visit the official convention website.

Tickets can only be purchased in advance and will NOT be sold at the door. Get yours here.