larry graham

Funk legend and bass pioneer Larry Graham rides into London town with his backing band Graham Central Station for a trio of hotly anticipated performances at Camden’s Jazz Café on March 10, 11 and 12th, guaranteed to raise the roof off the illustrious UK venue.

Graham first came to prominence as an integral member of the legendary Sly & The Family Stone during the mid ’60s and early ’70s. During this time he invented the “slap and pop” bass playing technique that has inspired numerous bassists, such as Bootsy Collins and Flea, and influenced countless funk bands to this day.

After leaving Sly & The Family, Graham formed Graham Central Station and released a number of well-received albums throughout the ’70s. After going solo in the ’80s, he reformed Graham Central and released new material in the late ’90s – some 20 years after their previous album.

Now the band find themselves in more demand than ever as witnessed by close friend and jam buddy Prince requesting their presence as the opening act on his “Welcome to America” tour in 2011.

With a new album on the horizon featuring Raphael Saadiq and the aforementioned Prince plus a reputation as a good time party band to uphold, those in attendance will be best advised to have their dancing shoes at the ready.

Priced £28.25, tickets for these shows are available via