Just heard the news…


… on Saturday October 9th, 2010 at Camden’s Jazz Café to be exact and Burke is in fine fettle, having been booked to perform by Expansion Records for a once in a lifetime gig, his first show in the United Kingdom with a real band for over two decades!

That’s twenty years without his British fans hearing, in the flesh, the stunning uptempo killer “Let Somebody Love You”… Or both of the timeless bassline monsters “Risin’ To The Top” (first loop spun on the decks for most hip hop producers – like they did on Mary J Blige’s “Love No Limit”) and “Hang Tight” … Or either of his gorgeous sweet soul collaborations “Never Stop Loving Me” and “One Minute More” (written with Curtis Mayfield and Linda Creed respectively)…

You may even get the chance to singalong to a Five Stairsteps favourite, probably “Ooh Child” as featured in Boyz N The Hood (when Larry Fishburne says “oh wait minute, listen to this song, I love this song!”) and that’s just naming a few classics – there’s many more.

All set to be lovingly recreated by living, breathing, expert musicians, with a complete horn section and crack rhythm players, bringing back the soul ecstasy that the UK loves.

With only 300 tickets made available, Keni Burke will be missed by those who aren’t in attendance.

Keni Burke live at the Jazz Cafe

Saturday 9th October 2010
@ Jazz Cafe (5 Parkway, Camden, London, NW1 7PG)
Doors at 7pm

Get your tickets for £20 in advance from www.jazzcafe.co.uk