For the latest instalment of VH1 Storytellers, Alicia Keys brought her tremendous vocal talents to the intimate, Unplugged-style set, whilst inviting the audience to hear about her song-writing process and grand-scale ambition.

Keys’ live performance was as stirring and smooth as we’ve come to expect from her. Her set-list encompassed everything from a band-backed, opening rendition of ’07’s mega-hit “No One” to stripped down performances of newer songs like “Brand New Me“, from her upcoming album Girl On Fire (out November 27th). One thing that’s clear is that, almost exactly five years on from As I Am, eleven years on from Songs in A Minor, the NYC-hailing superstar still loves performing, despite the powerful emotions she invests in her music.

In a number of detailed interludes, the singer reveals the stories behind singles such as “You Don’t Know My Name” (which I won’t ruin for you) and “Empire State of Mind”, and discusses the happy family life she now enjoys. She comes across as relaxed and comfortable, moving between her ordinary voice and her singing voice seamlessly, as she sometimes does on record.

Sit back and watch Alicia as talks and performs her way through her story below: