JJ Abrams

Star Trek director J.J. Abrams is to direct Disney’s upcoming Star Wars sequel, taking the helm of one of the largest and iconic film franchises in Hollywood.

Since Lucasfilm was bought by Disney back in October fans and critics alike have pondered over just who would take the reins, and although Abrams name often came up such talk ended after he told Entertainment Weekly that he wouldn’t take the job back in November.

Abrams, is currently in the middle of post-production of Star Trek into Darkness, his second film in the series since he rebooted it back in 2009, so Trekkies and Star Wars fans will have even more to debate when Star Wars Episode VII is released in 2015. One of the most significant self-confessed geeks in Hollywood, Abrams is the owner of Bad Robot, a film and TV production company through which he created Alias and co-created Lost and Fringe. He is also known for directing Mission Impossible III, Star Trek and Super 8 and producing Cloverfield and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Ben Affleck, director of last year’s critically acclaimed film Argo, was also in the running for the position, according to Deadline.

Though some may be wary of Abrams often polarising endings, there’s no need to fear as Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter Michael Arndt is penning the script. If you’ve seen either of those films you’ll know how strong his endings are.