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Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets | TV Catch-Up

December 18th, 2012 | by Nura Abdela
Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets | TV Catch-Up

It’s been a minute since the first series of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta graced our screens and became the talk of the town, and if you’ve been feeling a bit bored since the series ended then grab the popcorn and get ready for another hit of the infamous Stevie J and Joseline as the cast have gathered once again for interviews following on from the reunion, as well as new, never been seen footage.

As entertaining as the reunion show was, a whole lot went down with many questions being left unanswered, so this new, special episode tries to tie up any loose ends. We get to see backstage footage of the reunion including Shay‘s full reaction to Lil’ Scrappy‘s proposal to Erica, as well as the aftermath of the argument between K. Michelle and Rasheeda.

In the never been seen footage we finally get to see what went down in the huge car park fight between Lil’ Scrappy and Stevie J, determining once and for all who ‘put their paws’ on whom first.

Press play below for the full episode, as well as a sneak peek into the new series on Love & Hip-Hop New York which starts in January.