Snapshot: Jay Z spotted with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook HQ


Since the announcement and release of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail Jay Z has been all systems go, as we've seen him everywhere from TV adverts to art galleries, and festivals to radio shows. Last week the rapper crossed another location off his list as he was spotted quite randomly popping into Facebook HQ to meet founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Jay is currently in the beginnings of his joint Legends Of The Summer tour with Justin Timberlake, and before hitting the stage in San Francisco he made a pit-stop to see Zuckerberg, with a quick snap being taken of the two together which soon made the rounds via social network.

There's no word yet on what the two were discussing but with Jay involved we can bet he has something groundbreaking up his sleeve.

Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg jailed for hacking | News


Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, co-founder of Swedish torrent site the pirate bay has been sentenced to two years imprisonment for hacking into a bank’s computers.

Warg was found guilty of the hacks as well as associated charges of fraud by a Swedish court. The Nordea banking group and services firm Logica were the targets of the attack, which resulted in the personal data of thousands of Swedes being stolen and subsequently released online.

 Mathia Gustafsson, Warg’s accomplice in the hackings, was advised to seek psychiatric counselling and given a suspended sentence.

During the trial Warg and Gustafsson didn’t deny that their computers were used in the attacks, but alleged that other people controlled the computers remotely to break into the computer systems. Both refused to name who these other perpetrators were.

Going against their claims, forensic experts that testified in the trial said that data found on the computers involved in the attacks proved that the pair are the culprits. Lawyers have not yet said whether they intend to appeal against the rulings.

Warg is already serving a one-year jail sentence after being convicted of Internet piracy in 2009 as part of the team behind The Pirate Bay. This latest conviction isn’t the last of Warg’s current legal issues. Earlier this month a Swedish court confirmed that he may be extradited to Denmark to be questioned over another hacking incident.

Rumour: Instagram to add video sharing | Web News


Rumours have emerged that suggest Instagram may be preparing to integrate videos into the popular photo-sharing app. Read more

Facebook adds hashtag functionality | Tech News


Following the likes of Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and pretty much every other social networking service, Facebook has implemented hashtag functionality, allowing users to follow conversations and trending topics more easily than ever before.

As you would expect, clicking on a hashtag takes you to other posts that have used the same hashtag, and users can now lookup hashtags in the search bar, connecting the hashtags with posts from other sites that have used them.

The feature has been implemented in just 20% of users so far, with Facebook expecting it to be extended to all users over coming weeks.

Advertising opportunities were a big drive in Facebook finally including the feature. Speaking on the power of hashtagged conversations , Justin Ososky, Director of platform parnterships and operations at Facebook said, “Between 88 and 100 million Americans log in to Facebook every night during prime time TV hours, which represents a significant opportunity for broadcasters, advertisers and our other partners.” He also noted that a recent episode of Game of Thrones, and I’m sure fans can guess which one, generated over 1.5 million mentions on Facebook.

Acer joins forces with DJ Tiësto to launch the Aspire P3 Ultrabook [Sponsored]

Acer_Pr_Stills0005 _0
post sponsored by Acer

Following Last year’s humorous Acer campaigns which featured Kiefer Sutherland starting a baking company and Megan Fox leaving her glamourous lifestyle and becoming a marine biologist, the PC brand joins forces with DJ Tiesto for their new ad.

The ad features New York comedian Dan Chamberlain, who plays Tiesto’s assistant Vernon who by day utilizes his Ultrabook to organise his boss' activities and at night he switches to his DJ alter ego, where he gets to fulfil his dreams and even get his love interest played by Louis Vuitton supermodel Poppy Delevingne.

Google Maps revamp puts bigger focus on personalisation | Web News


Google have announced a newly redesigned desktop version of their popular mapping service Google Maps, set for release later this year. Read more

Snoop Dogg launches photo-sharing app 'Snoopify'


That’s right, the Doggfather Snoop Dogg has launched his own photo-sharing app.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the Snoopify Sticker Camera lets users take photos and turn them into “Snoop-themed masterpieces," with a number of unique sticker packs to make any photo 'more gangsta or Rasta'. Read more

Instagram add 'Photos of You' tagging feature | Web News

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 22.29.58
Popular photo-sharing app Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows users to (finally) tag friends in photos. Read more

Twitter #music app launches | Tech News


The rumours about Twitter releasing a standalone music app have proven true, as the social network took to American morning TV show Good Morning America this week to unveil the app, aptly named Twitter #music.

The brainchild of audio discovery service We Are Hunted, which was recently acquired by the company, the iOS app recommends music to users based on trending links from iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. Read more

YouTube hits 1 Billion viewers | Tech News


YouTube has announced that it now has 1 billion monthly viewers, a steady increase on the 800 million month viewers the video-website reached in October 2011.

The announcement, made at YouTube Pulse (a company event in Los Angeles to highlight YouTube’s premium channels to potential advertisers) put the company in the same league as Facebook in terms of audience, which also achieves 1 billion monthly users. Read more

Digg reveals plans to build Google Reader replacement | Tech News


Social news website Digg has announced its intentions to release an RSS service to replace Google Reader.Read more

Lupe Fiasco launches new health and well-being app 'Higi' | Tech News


Lupe Fiasco furthered his entrepreneurial efforts at this year’s SXSW by unveiling a new social media analytics app inspired by health and wellness, called Higi, in a partnership with Wrapports chairman Michael Ferro. Read more

Preview: Sony PlayStation 4 | Gaming


Sony recently announced the PlayStation 4 at a live event in New York, revealing a large amount of information and introducing a number games.

While the actual console itself wasn’t shown, a number of details about the hardware were mentioned, with Sony promising “supercharged PC architecture,” 8 GB of GDDR5 unified system memory and an X86 AMD processor. Needless to say, this thing is going to be powerful. Read more

Feature film distributed via games console for the first time with 'Pulp'


The age of digital distribution has reached another milestone following the release of an independent British film via a games console rather than through the Cinema or DVDs for the first time.

Pulp, a comedy focusing on a stressed comic book publisher who gets recruited by the police to take down a criminal gang, has been made available to Xbox Live subscribers. Read more

Socialmatic x Polaroid to make Instagram camera a reality | Tech News


After just recently launching its full image feed for web browsers, Instagram has announced its latest step forward in innovative social communication by forging a partnership with Polaroid to create the heavily rumoured and highly anticipated Instagram Socialmatic Camera. The deal was unveiled earlier today through the Socialmatic website and outlined several important details in the MoU agreement.
C & A Marketing was granted rights to produce and market cameras, filters, lenses and bags under the Polaroid brand and specifically named the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera. The project plans to have products available for consumers during the first quarter of 2014.

Instagram now reportedly has over 100 million active users which presents a massive captive audience for the companies. Web-stalking and "self-snap" numbers are sure to skyrocket with this announcement!

Check the Socialmatic website for concept images in their gallery here and make sure you're following us on Instagram.