Pharrell Williams’ angel-inspired ‘Inside Out’ glass sculpture

Pharrell Williams makes a lot of things. He makes music, videos, clothes, bikes, chairs and now it seems he has added sculptures to his varied Curriculum Vitae. This project, called “Inside Out” was born from Pharrell’s seeming obsession and curiosity with angels:

And then it dawned on me…

That’s it.

I’ll take a subject that I’ve often pondered about in various ways since I was a child.

I would focus on the “how” by bringing it to fruition.

It had to be clear and transparent.

It had to have a physical representation of man involuting his “openness” or “air” to the possibility.


We met the people from Venice Projects who operate one of the finest glass blowing shops in Murano and also did the Glasstress show during the 54th Venice Biennale. It was important for it to represent what the inside body of an angel (Greek for the word “messenger”) looked like. The blowers captured exactly how I saw these angels in my mind. I am beyond pleased and impressed with the results.

All I wanted to do was present an idea that was clear, transparent and with the posterity that only the breath of man could offer.

Allow this mumbo jumbo,just give us some new music please Pharrell.