Rizzle Kicks - "Down With The Trumpets" acoustic performance [Video]

Watch Rizzle Kicks’ acoustic session for SB.TV, where they performed their current single "Down With The Trumpets".

If you haven’t heard of Rizzle Kicks, then it’s time to become acquainted with one of this year's most exciting acts. Their music is best described as old school Hip Hop with a touch of pop. Rizzle raps and Sylvester sings, creating a unique dynamic which even Stephan Fry has tweeted about, saying "Am unexpectedly loving the old school hip hop sounds of Rizzle Kicks".

Currently, Rizzle Kicks are working on their debut album and planning to perform a host of festivals over the summer. They’ll be performing tomorrow at The iTunes Festival with Jessie J and over ther summer they'll be at Ibiza Rocks, Mallorca Rocks and The First Days of Freedom Festival.

Also, look out for their collaborative project with Olly Murs on his new single "Heart Skips A Beat", where they add their own unique Hip Hop touch to the record.

Rizzle Kicks 'Down With The Trumpets' (Acoustic performance)

Download ‘Down with the Trumpets’

Remembering Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Michael Jackson – a name that conjures up many thoughts. Hopefully most of them should be concerned with his phenomenal music career, which eclipses most super stars of our day. 

Go back to 1983, Michael was at the peak of his career, Thriller had just become the biggest selling album of all time. Fast forward to the present day and Thriller is still the biggest selling album of all time and prior to his sad passing in 2009. Put that way, it would appear that very little had changed; well, career–wise anyway. And it is Michael’s career that deserves further exploration.
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Swizz Beatz and Santigold cover Paper Magazine

Check out the new cover for the latest copy of Paper Magazine: Swizz Beatz shares the cover with Santigold in the upcoming issue that’s due on newsstands on June 22, 2011.

Swizzy looks rather suave in his black suit and cheeky bow tie, which makes a change from his usual attire of trendy clothes and Reebok Kamikaze III sneakers. (In case you didn’t know, Swizzy is the new Creative Director of Reebok Classics). Santigold also maintains the smart look whilst standing majestically on the front cover. She wears a black and grey blazer jacket and a variety of luxurious rings.

Feature Excerpts:

Santigold on signing to Roc Nation:
She recently signed to Roc Nation, the management company headed up by Jay-Z. She says the new boss is happy with the early mixes he's heard. "He said it was going to be 'an important album,'" she explains. "I wanted to make some epic songs. The whole record isn't like that, but a few songs definitely are. I wanted to make them feel big. Peter Gabriel-big."

Swizz Beatz on his creative partnerships:
"Man, I crossed bridges in the industry that should stop water," he says. "Me coming from the South Bronx and partnering up with Christian Louboutin -- we're not supposed to be in that world!"

Look out for the latest copy of Paper Magazine, which also includes features on Kelly Rowland, Joe Jonas and Marianne Faithful - visit papermag.com to read more.