We all know the things we’re definitely good at, but have you ever taken a moment to consider the things you might be able to do well? Those skills you possess that you never even knew were there?

Hidden Talent, Channel 4‘s new six-part series inspired by American Express, is dedicated to helping people around the country unlock and realise that previously unknown potential and proving that the only limitations that exist are those we’ve placed upon ourselves.

The show features participants trying – and often excelling at – things they previously hadn’t even considered, taking their brand new talents to the ultimate level and inspiring themselves and others to live and think outside the box.

While hundreds have already taken the challenge of having a new skill unveiled, American Express is now giving thousands more the opportunity through a series of expert-designed online tests mirroring those taken by the fortunate few featured on the programme.

The tests cover a myriad of skill areas including extreme sports, language, art appreciation, multitasking, memory strength, lie detection, navigation, even opera singing, each designed to discover and activate a talent that had, until this point, been sitting dormant.

Might you be the next Josephine Barstow? Do you have what it takes to scale the face of Scafell Pike? Could you find your way out of the darkest jungle if necessary?

Take the tests on the Hidden Talent Facebook page and see if you have a skill you never knew about, then share and compare them with your friends and family to see how much potential lies between you.

Who knows – what you find could likely be the key that unlocks the inspiration for which you’d been searching.

Hidden Talent airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 4.

This post has been sponsored by American Express.