Since its inception, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has been the source of many of TV’s funniest and most entertaining musical moments. From show staples like “Slow Jammin’ the News” and Fallon and Justin Timberlake‘s “History of Rap” ditties to those off-the-cuff performances like (the fake) Neil Young‘s rendition of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and (the fake) Justin Bieber singing “(That’s Not My) Baby,” hilarious music has long been a Late Night centerpiece.

In recognition of the litany of funny sounds created by Fallon and his house band, the mighty Roots Crew, NBC is giving the comic an hour-long special to rehash his hits and perform any new stuff that may have popped into that sonically-demented mind of his.

I just hope he does his Bob Dylan/Charles In Charge theme bit. That one cracked me up.

The special will air July 25th at 10pm EST.