Duracell has released the first commercial for the company’s innovative Powermat technology, and making a cameo in the ad is none other than their official spokesperson, Jay-Z.

The 60-second spot follows a busy young man making his rounds through the city — working, having a lunch date, reveling at a bar, etc. — without ever worrying about his phone going dead thanks to the convenient Powermat he totes and brandishes whenever and, more importantly, wherever it’s necessary. Thanks to the Powermat, our star’s phone charge stays high while those around him have batteries that are gasping for air (as evidenced by the ever-present power bars showing that their devices are on their last legs).

As he’s chilling with friends at the 40/40 Club at the end of his busy day, our star picks up a phone he assumes is his, only to discover that it isn’t. He doesn’t know anybody named “B,” but Jay-Z does. Hov shows up, takes his phone (why the hell his phone was charging on a random table and not in the back somewhere is a mystery) and says something smug before walking off in slow motion — because everything looks cooler in slow motion, right?

Not a bad ad. Enough to keep my attention, but not exactly making me wanna run out and buy a Powermat. Unless it’ll make BeyoncĂ© call my phone…