Shortly before hosting Saturday Night Live for the second time, actor, stand-up comedian and singer Jamie Foxx sat down with Oprah Winfrey in NYC for the latest episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter.

The first part of the episode sees the Django Unchained actor give one of his most intimate and revealing interviews yet, as he discusses near enough every aspect of his life, from the grandmother who raised him, to his first love (music), to being told his acting “stinked” by Oliver Stone.

Later on Jamie talks about his bachelor status, and says he feels he’s not “built for marriage”. Explaining this somewhat depressing statement, he says he’d been put off by the unhappy experience of friends and family, not to mention his own “catastrophic” memory of heartbreak as a young man.

Towards the end, Jamie’s 18 year-old daughter Corinne joins him and Jamie plays some piano for his host at Soho House. Part Two, which will feature Corinne more extensively, airs in the U.S on the 23rd December.

Check out Part One for yourself below: