From the time I first wrote about Ice-T‘s directorial debut Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap back in April, I knew it would be something that I’d love; and when the movie finally hit theaters I paid to see it twice because I knew that it was something the culture needed.

Apparently, my enthusiasm wasn’t shared by enough people, as The Art of Rap has made a hasty departure from the big screen and is already being broadcast for free on cable, seemingly forgoing even the DVD/BluRay stage. That kinda sucks but it’s also kinda sweet, ’cause it gives those who didn’t bother going to see it a chance to see what they’ve missed. And who knows, maybe the early move to TV will help bolster DVD sales once they begin.

Whatever the reason, The Art of Rap premiered on VH1 Thursday night and we’ve got the TV version — edited for length and to appease the network censors, of course — for you to check out.

If you’re a rap fiend like me, you’re gonna love it.