This week AMC’s hit post U.S Civil War drama series Hell On Wheels has now hit the half way stage in its inaugural season.

Following the fourth episode which saw Thomas Durant (Colm Meaney​) taking the “opportunity” to mask his own hidden agenda as recuperative help to the recent widower Lily Bell (Dominique McElligott) and Elam Ferguson (Common) seeking to sow his wild oats, the fifth installment of the series entitled “Bread and Circuses finds Reverend Cole (Tom Noonan) and Native American warrior turned Christian do-gooder Joseph (Eddie Spears) preparing for their journey into Cheyenne territory to make peace with the Native Americans headed up by Joe’s father Chief Many Horses (Wes Studi).

Union Pacific Railroad boss finds himself struggling with his company’s finances subsequently rendering him unable to pay the vast majority of his workmen. As a result disgruntled cut man and former slave Elam refuses to work when told which leads him to go toe to toe with former slave master and current walking boss Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), which in itself unearths the racist manor in which American born former African slaves are treated.

Disclaimer… Do not watch this if you have a nervous disposition towards violence, blood, talk and history of African slave trade and Native American rituals.

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