Broadcast on U.S television screens late last night comes the third installment of AMC’s hit drama series Hell On Wheels. Entitled “A New Birth of Freedom,” the episode picks up during the night after Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) saves himself from execution and miraculously gets himself hired as Daniel Johnson’s replacement.

Resuming his revengeful quest for the murder of his wife, the former solder and slave owner searches through Daniel Johnson’s property seeking to find the names of those who were responsible for his wife’s death. Against Bohannon’s wishes, Union Pacific’s head security man “The Swede” (Christopher Heyerdahl​) hires three workers to find Lily Bell (Dominique McElligott), who is lost and in possession of Thomas Durant’s (Colm Meaney​) maps.

A fellow freed slave is angered at the sudden rise of Elam (Common) to head of the “cut crew,” calling him a high yellow house negro.” Elam seeks to challenge racial prejudice against the Black workers and christened Native American Joseph Black Moon (Eddie Spears) begins to struggle with his identity.

Disclaimer: Do not watch this if you have a nervous disposition towards violence, blood, talk and history of African slave trade and racial prejudice against the Black people.

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