Quirky comedy series Community has been renewed for a fifth (and likely final) season.

Despite modest ratings, the show has continued to find success in the streaming video on demand market, with services like Netflix and Hulu providing the perfect place for fans to catch up.

Having gained quite the cult following since it’s debut in 2009, the show has been on rocky ground ever since creator Dan Harmon was forced out as showrunner due to low ratings and production issues after season three.

The show then went into a long hiatus, leading to a large petition from fans to bring the show back. Originally set to return on October 19th of last year, the fourth season of the show was delayed until February. Following Harmon’s departure the fourth season received mixed reviews, with many feeling that the show’s charm and wit left with him.

Hopefully the 13 episodes that make season five will set the show back on track. While the premiere date has yet to be announced, it should be safe to assume we’ll be seeing more from Joel McHale, Donald Glover (a.k.a. Childish Gambino) and the rest of the crew at the Greendale Community Collage later this year.