Hold On, just wait a minute… Did he just sing?

Over  the past few months, visually impaired emcee, Blind Fury has been making a lot of noise by destroying his competition week after week on 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday battle series. After Blind’s seventh victory he, like the eight other battle emcees in the month long tournament, was placed in the March Mayhem pool. Ranked second behind, G$Baby, Fury breezed past Dee-Dave to face Artisan (ranked third) who ran rings around Hatch (ranked sixth).

Now to be honest with you, I was about to name this article “Blind Fury destroys Artisan to advance to the “106 & Park Freestyle Friday” Finals”. However, I thought that I’d be slightly ignorant to do so. Yes Blind Fury blacks out on Artisan, but the Las Vagas, Nevada bred emcee held his own.

In the first round Artisan came out guns a blazing spittin’ some really strong bars, “…with all dat Yaga Yaga [Fury trademark slogan] boy dats so ka ka, face like Chewbacca, I feel sorry fo yo mamma…” and “…me and Chris Brown [one of the judges] will make movies with yo mamma…” including some really shape double-time spit. Even though he started off slightly weak, when it was Blind Fury’s turn to step up to the mic he hit Artisan up side the head with “…look at him Jimmy [referring to Jim Jones (Of Dip Set) who was another judge on the day] his eye vision is worse than mine…” and “Las Vagas B.I.G? Don’t believe me? Look at his lazy E.Y.E…” ending with “…get off the TV talking about people teeth stink, you mad because yo girl be leaving in my sheets…”.

With the first round over the emcees had a few minutes to relax whilst 106 & Park played another one of it’s teenage demographic-aimed Hip Hop videos, after which they locked horns in the second round.

Flowing over Jay-Z and Nas’ “Success” instrumental, off Hov’s American Gangster LP, Artisan once again came out strong with “…your whole flow faeces, no chance that you can beat me, you’ve got a better chance of seeing [talk show host and Oscar Awarding actress] Monique in a bikini…” as well as “…you know everything I say true, they God hates ugly, well he sure must hate you…”. After Artisan fizzled out some what towards the end of his his 30 seconds it was Fury’s turn. Once he made a “shout out” to Chris Brown he turned his attention back to Artisan and [in one of those blank-stare-mouth-wide-open-moments] sang to him… yes I said “sang to him”:

“They say let it breathe, imma let it breathe, I’ll already win, boy you better leave, you ain’t never gonna do nothin’ like this, I don’t know why you up here like this”.


Fury then continued to slap Artisan with a few more bars but his sung verse was so potent it almost felt like he didn’t need to. Needless to say, the judges Jim Jones, Chris Brown and Kevin McCall officially awarded Blind Fury with the victory. Be sure to check back with SoulCulture for footage of the final.