The cast and crew of popular animated sitcom American Dad! recently took to Comic-Con International to perform a little jig for their audience, reveal a few tasty tidbits of info about the show’s upcoming season, and tease a few surprises.

Putting together a nice little musical number for a captivated crowd, show creators Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman, writer Jordan Blum, and actors Dee Bradley Baker, Rachael MacFarlane, Scott Grimes and Wendy Schaal performed a 60’s-themed “we love you” song, expressing their admiration for their fans.

Barker, who also writes and plays Terry Bates on the funny Fox show, gushed:

“We love you. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned for this season. Because we were so vulnerable, now we have to cover it in character and jokes.”

He also confirmed the date of the show’s season premiere.

“We start out our season Sept. 30 with an episode where Roger hires Hayley to sing at her bar, and that happens to coincide nicely with … you have a new album coming out?” Barker said, referring to Rachael MacFarlane, who voices the liberal, hippy Hayley Smith.

Revealing plans for her character’s musical debut, MacFarlane said:

“I have news, everyone: Hayley Sings comes out Sept. 25, and it’s my very first record. We’re so unbelievably excited.”

Matt Weitzman also took the time to shed more light on the upcoming eighth season.

“We have another Christmas episode. In this case it’s going to be a musical,” he revealed. “I don’t know if you know the concept of Krampus, which is kind of Austrian anti-Santa kind of a demon. He’s going to be voiced by Danny Glover, which is awesome. Stan lets out this Christmas demon, and he steals Steve, and Stan has to go and rescue him.”

Interjecting, Barker added:

“We also have Nathan Fillion, Will Forte, Rupert Grint, John Hamm, Allison Brie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charlie Day and more.”

With an eager audience of passionate fans in attendance, the panel fielded several questions.

Asked whether an American Dad! video game could be in the making — particularly with the show’s violence in mind — Seth MacFarlane replied:

“I’m a peaceful guy, I’m not a violent person. I’ve never even been in a fight. The last game I played was Pitfall. Yeah, sure, why not? Let’s do one.”

Questioned about Stan’s (the show’s protagonist) constant attempts to kill his children, Grimes replied:

“When you’re a parent you’ll understand.”

Speaking on the darkness and absurdity of the Christmas episodes, Weitzman said:

“We’re trying to get as dark as we can until it’s actually light again.”

Barker adding:

“This Christmas we’re going to break into your house and steal your presents. Not the characters, us. That’s how dark we’re going to get. It’s a musical, with the music composed by Asa Taccone, and with the great soul singer Charles Bradley playing the singing parts of Krampus. I think you’re going to like it. ”

Hilarious and affable in equal measures, the Amercian Dad! crew made sure to address as much as possible regarding the hit comedy, touching on the criticisms of their work and a range of show themes, including a possible episode about Roger’s trip to Earth.

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