The first trailer for the animated movie Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 has finally been unveiled.

This adaptation of Frank Miller‘s seminal four-issue comic book series The Dark Knight Returns is directed by Jay Oliva (Young JusticeJackie Chan Adventures) and features the voice work of Peter Weller as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Ariel Winter as Carrie Kelley/Robin, and David Selby as James Gordon.

Treading similar territory as Christopher Nolan‘s recently released The Dark Knight Rises, the animated film presents a crime-riddled Gotham in which Batman has retreated into the sprawling city’s shadows, not being seen or heard from for a decade. With criminal factions tearing DC’s great metropolis apart, the 55-year-old Dark Knight is forced to don his cape and cowl one more time, rising to the familiar task of saving the innocent inhabitants of his beloved gothic city.

With Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns widely viewed as one of the great graphic novels, its soon-to-be-released animated counterpart is certainly drawing from quality source material. Should Oliva’s adaptation come anywhere close to rivaling Miller’s work, DC’s Dark Knight will be in for yet another triumphant return.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 comes out on DVD 25 September.