Starring the excellent, Oscar-nominated Michael Shannon (of Boardwalk Empire and Revolutionary Road fame), Academy Award-nominated actress Winona Ryder, Captain America himself Chris Evans and Goodfellas’ Ray Liotta, The Iceman tells the true story of Richard Kuklinski – a notorious hired gun who worked for Newark’s infamous DeCavalcantes a New York City’s Five Families.

Kuklinski wreaked all sorts of havoc during a long and deadly 40 year long career, while maintaining an apparently healthy family life.

Arrested in 1986, Kuklinski soon came to the public’s attention, the gruesome nature of his work attracted a strange and macabre form of celebrity that resulted in and produced documentaries, interviews and books. An imposing man, Kuklinski cut a towering figure, stand 6″5 tall and weighing 135kg. Kuklinski was also noted for his seemingly contradictory aversion to the murder of women and children.

Bringing the Kuklinkski’s story to light, The Iceman recounts the life and times of the Mafia hitman. The film is an adaptation of Anthony Bruno‘s book The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer, and is directed by Ariel Vromen, who co-wrote the picture with Morgan Land.

Check out the trailer below.