Fans of Aaron McGruder‘s comic-turned-cartoon series have much to be grateful for with the announcement that The Boondocks will return to Adult Swim in April.

Having premiered in 2005, the animated show finished its third season in August 2010 with sort of a ho-hum closer inspired by then-popular television drama 24.  [Doesn’t mean that it didn’t reach the heights of the previous seasons, however, thanks to episodes like “Pause” and “Mr. Medicinal.”]

Though rumours of a fourth season popped up here and there in the years that followed, the only real news regarding the series was a Kickstarter campaign for a spin-off movie, based on the show’s Uncle Ruckus character, that never reached its financial goal.

Adult Swim have now announced that The Boondocks Season 4 is to premiere on April 21st, 2014 at 10.30pm.

Check out the brief confirmation aired by the network below and stay tuned for further information.