When Marvel’s Avengers aren’t too busy saving the world, fending off the aggressive advances of mean aliens, the uber cool collection of superheroes spend their time breaking records and making history, earning big bank.

Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers/Avengers Assemble accomplished the difficult task of satisfying fans, wowing critics and performing well, to say the least, as far as ticket sales are concerned. So much so that sequels are already in the works and tie-in projects are currently being developed.

And the good news just keeps rolling for all concerned. With Joss Whedon tied down to helm further Avengers’ related projects, including a S.H.I.E.L.D. TV pilot, the folks over at Marvel will no doubt be stoked to announce their blockbuster superhero mash-up movie has crossed the $1.5 billion mark.

Having re-released The Avengers this past weekend, making a further $2.2 million, Marvel/Disney have raked in total earnings exceeding $1.5 billion world-wide; becoming the third-highest grossing movie of all time, with James Cameron’s Avatar and Titanic slightly ahead.

Boasting a stellar squad of brolic heroes like Thor the god of thunder, Ironman the tecchy genius and Captain America the super soldier, it comes as no surprise that the Avengers are destroying all before them; particularly with the help of their not so jolly green giant. The Hulk really does smash. He smashes everything, including box office records.