A number of actors, directors and stars have paid tribute to the recently deceased Michael Clarke Duncan who passed away on Monday.

Duncan, who starred in several big budget and high profile films such as Daredevil and Planet of the Apes, was a popular and beloved figure, well respected among his colleagues and cast-mates.

With Hollywood still reeling from the towering actor’s death, many have paid homage to the late Sin City star, lauding his work as an actor and praising him as a friend and kind, lovable presence.

Bruce Willis, who appeared alongside Duncan in 1998’s Armageddon, described him as “a great human being.”

Transformers director Michael Bay who cast Duncan in Armageddon penned a lengthy tribute on his official website, recounting times spent with the deep-voiced actor. Bay wrote: “I’m really bummed at losing such a great guy in my life today, Michael Clarke Duncan.’

“I gave him his first big movie role in Armageddon as Bear. We found him in a gym. He cried at the first audition because he was so proud to audition for a “Michael and Jerry movie”, he just wanted to make his mom proud. We gave him the role in the room.’

‘His first day on Armageddon, he sucked. I remember looking to Ben Affleck and thinking we might need to fire him. But I told him, ‘Mike, I hired you for you, I want the sweet, Mr Clarke Duncan I met in that room’. I said, ‘the audience is going to fall in love with you’.’

“He looked and smiled with deep voice and said ‘Ok’.”

“From then on out he became the most improved actor on the set. That was the award he got at the end of the film. Everyone loved him, his infectious spirit and great belly laugh.”

“It was a great time I will always remember, how proud I was to watch him grow into an actor. Watching him study all the guys from Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck to Steve Buscemi and Owen Wilson. When he said in the movie he, ‘wanted to stay in the White House for the summer,’ he killed it. In his N.A.S.A. evaluation I told him to cry like a baby. He looked at me with his macho Duncan eyes and said, ‘Mike I can’t do that,’ I said, ‘yes you can,’ and it became the biggest laugh in the movie.”

“I’m really sad to lose him. Rest in peace buddy.”

Multipile Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks, who starred in The Green Mile along with Duncan, echoed Bay’s sentiments, saying: “He was the treasure we all discovered on the set of The Green Mile. He was magic. He was a big love of man and his passing leaves us stunned.”

Duncan earned an Oscar nomination (Best Supporting Actor) for his performance in The Green Mile.  Frank Darabont, who directed the moving drama, also stated: “Michael was the gentlest of souls – an exemplar of decency, integrity and kindness. The sadness I feel is inexpressible.”

Duncan’s fiancee Omarosa Manigault recently told reporters that she was “devastated” by her partner’s death. “He was the love of my life,” she said.

Duncan is said to have died of natural causes; Craig Harvey of the Los Angeles coroner’s office stating Duncan’s personal physician had signed the death certificate, noting there was no need to review the case.