Well, that finale of The Walking Dead’s third season’s first half was quite the corker wasn’t it? I had to rewind quite a few scenes in the episode; often so much was going that it was necessary, just to fully appreciate everything. After complaints of season 2 being relatively slow the producers certainly got their act together, as the show has been getting better and better steadily since the current season’s first episode.

It’s going to be a tough wait till the show’s return in February, but thankfully we’ve got two sneak peeks of the next episode, mysteriously “The Suicide King,” to sink our teeth into for now, and a short feature with the cast looking at what will go down in the latter half. Included also is the short preview attached to the end of the last episode in case you missed it. (Spoilers lie ahead of course.)

The first sneak peek picks up where the episode ended, with brothers Merle and Darryl Dixon facing the angry crowd under The Governor’s control, and it seems that they’ll be pit against each other, possibly in a battle to the death knowing how cruel the Guv’ can be. Andrea, quite possibly the most annoying character in the series, eventually shows up, asking Phillip to let her through, as Darryl is her friend. The request is of course denied, and we can only hope that she eventually realises just how ruthless, manipulative and controlling The Governor is, though that’s unlikely as we all she has a penchant for bad boys.

The second focuses on the survivors Carl found and locked up in the mid-season finale. While they seemed innocent enough, it seems two of them may have their own plans with regards to the main group, but thankfully Tyreese and his sister Sasha try to convince the two not to go ahead with them, though it remains to be seen what will happen. It looks like Chad Coleman (Tyreese) will once again be playing a rational and caring character following Cuddy, one of my favourite characters from The Wire, who Coleman also played.

If you’re worried about Darryl’s fate, it seems he’ll be safe, for now at least, as 15 seconds into the last preview (third below) he makes an appearance running between trees. With that said anything can happen though, as the producers said from the start that nobody is safe, and over the past 2 and a half seasons that point has been driven home a number of times. Check out the videos below.