the blue umbrella

Pixar‘s shorts have long been just as important as the feature-length movies they often precede. Who can forget the cheeky Geri’s Game from 1997, which saw an old man taking himself on in chess who would later make an apperance in Toy Story 2, or even last year’s La Luna, which captivated audiences even more so than Brave, the film it was attached to. Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, we now have a new sneak peek at the short that will play before Pixar’s next movie Monster’s University upon it’s 12th July release.

Entitled The Blue Umbrella, the short focuses on two umbrellas in a singing city, one blue and the other red, who fall eternally in love amidst the rain. Though the sneak peek is certainly short, you can already picture just how interesting the story will get, and admire the visuals which look near photo-realistic aside from the faces on the umbrellas of course.

Check out the clip below.