Can you believe it’s almost over? After nearly a year of waiting, Breaking Bad, one of the greatest shows to ever grace TV (after The Wire) will resume, with the first of the final eight episodes airing on August 11th in the US.

With rumours speculating that a Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) spinoff entitled Better Call Saul might be in the works at least one of the show’s best characters will likely continue once it ends, but in the meantime to tease us the first new photograph from one of the upcoming episodes has been released.

The photo shows Walter White (Bryan Cranston) comforting a distraught Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), something we’re not unused to seeing as the weight of the duo’s actions have almost driven the characters to opposite ends of the spectrum, hardening Walter and burdening Aaron.

Stay tuned for the show’s return on August 11th.