The CW really does have a thing for the Justice League. Having enjoyed a long and productive romance with Superman in the shape of Smallville, the American television network recently broke the news of its nascent fling with billionaire playboy-cum-masked vigilante Oliver Queen – aka – The Green Arrow.

Hinting at a polyamorous streak, the network has all but declared its never-ending- hopefully-to-be-televised love for Wonder Woman, with reports indicating Grey’s Anatomy and The O.C.’s Allan Heinberg is working very hard to tie the knot between the two parties, telling the story of DC’s Amazonian heroine in an all new original CW series.

Heinberg’s scripts for the prospective show is said to be based on a premise which follows Wonder Woman as a “young, budding superhero”, as opposed to the powerful woman that stands tall in the pantheon of comic-book/pop culture icons.

As of yet, there’s been no pilot pick up order, meaning nothing’s official and everything’s still to play for.

Wonder Woman first appeared on TV screens in 1974, with a live-action pilot movie. Starring as a blonde Amazonian with some superhuman abilities, the film strayed from the comic in many regards but generated enough interest for future productions, resulting in the cult Lynda Carter series that ran from 1975-79.

With Carter as the bombshell heroine – aka Diana Prince – the show followed the original comics closely despite dropping many elements. Featuring Wonder Woman’s famous golden lasso and bullet deflecting bracelets, the series captured much of the beloved heroine’s magic and appeal, pleasing fans the world over. Last year, NBC’s attempt to pick up where Carter and co left off failed to garner much of a buzz, despite starring Friday Night Lights‘ unattainably gorgeous Adrianne Palicki.

Hopefully, The CW’s ongoing tryst with the Justice League will prove a lot more fruitful.