Avengers x ILM

It’s easy to see why Marvel’s Avengers Assemble is the highest selling film of 2012 and already the third highest-grossing film of all time; the film was a visual spectacle with laughs, a great plot and lively characters.

Now Industrial Light & Magic, the trailblazing visual effects company behind most of the incredible scenes, has released a video giving insight into one of the more challenging parts of the film in which all of the Avengers co-operate to take the enemy down.

Seemingly filmed as one long shot, the video reveals just the amount of work that went into it, with numerous teams working on various parts of the “one shot” so that it could be stitched together at the end. As the video shows, the differences between live-action and CG footage are getting ever more difficult to distinguish with the New York setting, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and much of the alien invasion computer generated by ILM.