You probably know Seth MacFarlane as the creator of the ever so good Family Guy cartoon series, (as well as American Dad and The Cleveland Show) however, he’s taken the leap over to the movie screens with his upcoming release Ted.

The movie is set to star Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Community star Joel McHale and a rather juvenile teddy bear. The story somewhat goes that Wahlberg has had  the teddy bear since his youth and has become the best of friends with it. However, more than being just a stuffed, inanimate toy, Ted is quite the opposite – a walking talking creature, after the young boy’s wish of having his teddy speak back to him granted. The film is based largely around what happens when the boy turns into a man, and the teddy bear grows with him.

Without giving away much more, I’ll say the trailer below is definitely NSFW, although if you would like the safe version, I have popped that under it. The film has a July 13th release date.

What are your thoughts on this release?

Rather unbelievably, Ted is also on Twitter!

NSFW trailer:

Ted: Restricted Trailer – watch more funny videos

Safe trailer: