With romance in modern cinema often evolving into highly convoluted and yet insubstantial plotlines it’s often easy to look past love on the silver-screen. Thankfully Disney, proven masters of the love story, have taken another stab at it in their latest short Paperman, a simple and beautiful tale of a man and a woman who bump into each other at a train station, and you can probably guess the rest.

The short shows before Disney’s latest animated feature Wreck-It Ralph (which finally opens in UK cinemas on Febuary 15th) and blends a CGI-designed world with traditional 2D animation techniques, creating a unique visual look that manages to transcend between both styles. Complete with the humour we’ve come to expect from the company, and a touch of that good ol’ Disney magic it’s safe to say that Paperman is another success. Having gained over a million views already since being uploaded a few days ago, one can only hope that Disney are convinced to bring its 2D animated features, which have been in decline since for a number of years.

Check out the short below.