Sony has officially announced that a film adaptation of popular video game series Metal Gear Solid is in the works.

Sony made the announcement at the Metal Gear Anniversary event in Tokyo, with banners that featured the Columbia Pictures logo and read “Metal Gear Solid Hollywood Movie.”

Konami Digital Entertainment Vice President Hideo Kojima — the noted Metal Gear series game designer, writer, director and producer — confirmed the Solid Snake movie project during the presentation, revealing Spider-Man producer Avi Arad will also be lending his services to the long-awaited film.

Arad, who has enjoyed a 20-year career, has produced a number of big-budget films, including Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider and the Blade series.

“Video games are the comic books of today,” Arad told the large and eager audience. “We will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, cautionary tales needed.”

Kojima is expected to executive produce the film.