With the May 17th release of Star Trek Into Darkness steadily approaching and an exciting international trailer emerging days ago Empire magazine has released two new stills from the film, showing Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Uhura (Zoe Saldana) in the midst of some trouble, with Uhura primed for action.

As Empire mentions, the images aren’t quite spoilerrific unless you take a proper look at them, so if you’re holding out on information till the film hits cinemas and are yet somehow reading this for some reason, don’t stare at them for too long. As far as what might be a spoiler, well, in the group shot the item lying on the ground to the right of them, and in the other shot the item in Uhura’s hand.

Empire is currently gearing up for the release of their J.J. Abrams issue, and as always have a pretty unique cover to celebrate, this time a foldout featuring the cast of the Star Trek Into Darkness in addition to the director. You can see the cover below the two stills, and the issue is out in stores on Thursday (March 28th).

Check out the images below, and as a bonus I’ve included the hidden poster from the international trailer beneath the rest.

star trek 1

star trek 2

star trek 3

stid poster