The hysteria surrounding The Dark Knight Rises shows no sign of abating. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have released enough teasers and exclusives to fill Bruce Wayne’s batcave.

And it looks like they’re just going to keep them coming.

So far we’ve seen Commissioner Gordon and Joseph Blake chop it up about the Bat Man. We’ve heard the sinister tones of Bane’s portentous voice. And we’ve listened attentively, on the edges of our seats, as The Dark Knight Rises cast members waxed lyrical about the upcoming Gotham epic in various interviews.

Now we have the sexy Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway, at her slippery and curvaceous best — in Selina Kyle mode.

The latest TDKR video shows the aforementioned Kyle being interrogated by Officer Blake, eager to glean as much information about Tom Hardy‘s Bane as possible.

Watch the video as terror sweeps across Kyle’s face with the very mention of Bane’s name.

With six days to go until the film’s grand premiere, the Dark Knight really is on the verge of rising.

The film hits cinemas July 20th.

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