Oprah life x times

At a press junket for historical drama The Butler, Oprah, the master of interviewing and answering questions, answers a question about JAY Z and Harry Belafonte and gracefully ties her great response back to the film.

Journalist Shaheem Reid, host of Life+Times series The Round Up, asked her opinion on Harry Belafonte’s statements on Jay and Beyonce’s “lack” of social responsibility. Of course, to begin with, Oprah said she listened and liked Magna Carta Holy Grail. Supporting the homies, O! She then went on to explain how she interprets Hov’s methods of being socially conscious.

People war in different ways. There are multiple ways to protest. Jay uses his music. He uses his life. He uses his artfulness. His ability as a businessman. That is his protest against all the indignities that not only he has suffered but generations before him have suffered.

This is where the awesome tie in comes in.

Harry Belafonte’s might have been going to congress or marching or so forth. Not everybody has the same way. That’s why this movie [The Butler] is so powerful because the father’s way was not the son’s way. Which way is right? Both are right.

Perfect answer.

The Butler hits US theatres on August 16th.