Black Dynamite the extremely humourous spoof of 70s blaxploitation films has now spawned a comicbook.
The first issue Black Dynamite: Slave Island, will be released by Ars Nova and Ape Entertainment in early 2011. Written by Brian Ash. Pencils by Jun Lofamia.
Check out the cover below…

Ape Entertainment will also be screening Black Dynamite (the movie) at New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 9, at 8PM. Before the screening, come check out a Q&A with director Scott Sanders, Adrian Younge of Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra, and Wax PoeticsEditor-in-Chief Andre Torres. The Q&A will also offer a sneak peek at Black Dynamite: the Animated Series, set for Adult Swim. All in attendance will receive a preview copy of the comic book.