If, like me, you’re awesome (I know, wrong sitcom!), then chances are you’ve been in a deep state of depression for the last few months, whilst NBC’s outstanding sitcom Community has been on an indefinite hiatus. No doubt you rejoiced when it was announced a couple of weeks ago that the funniest show of all-time (yep, I said it) would be returning to TV screens on March 15th with a run of twelve brand new episodes. Chances are, since getting the good news, you’ve been wondering what to do with yourself whilst you wait with baited breath for the return of all that’s good with the world – if that’s the case, then you’ll be pleased to know that from March 7th, our friends at Greendale Community College will be back, but in cartoon form.

Here’s what NBC had to say about the upcoming web-series:

The three promotional shorts, titled “Abed’s Master Key” parts I, II & III, feature the animated alter-egos and voices of the “Community” series regulars and run approximately two minutes in length. Dave Seger (“Ikea Heights”) & Tom Kauffman (“Ikea Heights”) wrote the animated shorts.

In the three-part sequence of “Abed’s Master Key,” Dean Pelton hires Abed as his temporary assistant. Entrusted with a Greendale Master Key; Abed abuses his power to help his friends, and after Britta confronts Abed, she heads down the same dark path.

Can’t wait! What’s a little scary is that everything I wrote above, which might read as flippant, is in fact 100% sincere. I do actually love Community like THAT. If you’ve not seen it, do yourself a favour and check Community out, I can’t begin to co-sign this show strongly enough.