#DEAD… Ever since his ascent into the mainstream Drake has been a target of a barrage of jokes (and insults) ranging from his masculinity, his dress sense, his own interpretation of Hip Hop (commonly called “Emo-Rap”), being light skin as well as his now classic but ill fated Blackberry-freestyle session on Funk Flex‘s show and everything in between. Now the good folks over at Jumpoff TV have taken it a step further by linking up with some of Hip Hop’s most respected bloggers, writers and taste makers and coming with 10 Reasons Not To Leave Your Girl Around Drake.

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you guys but I will list three of my favorite quotables…

1. “…I’m worried about Usher sleeping with my aunt, I’m not worried about Usher sleeping with my girl.” #DEAD
2. “I won’t let Drake around my girl for the same reason, I won’t leave cookie monster around cookies. Ohh sure the n***a looks gentle… but you know what he does.” #DEAD x 2
3.  “Drake knows girl’s feelings. I don’t want Drake watching an ABC Afterschool Special with my girl talking about feelings and shit… he can relate to her menstruation…” #ImFinished

Disclaimer… Drake fans may not like this.