Musician and actor Tyrese Gibson took to Twitter recently to announce that he has secured the rights to the life story of late soul singer Teddy Pendergrass, saying, “I have officially secured the life rights to the life story of Teddy Pendergrass, my inspiration. This movie will be made…”

IndieWire reports that Gibson mentioned a year ago that he was developing a feature film, stating “I am playing Teddy Pendergrass,” and that his top choice for director was “Lee Daniels, ’cause he’s from Philadelphia and he’s raw, knows how to tell the truth about characters and layers. He knows how to get people to go there. That would be my ideal situation. Lee Daniels would hit it out of the park. It’ll be my first time singing in a movie.”

He went on to say: “I’ve actually stayed away from movie roles where they want me to be a producer and the studio telling the singer or rapper what to do in a vocal booth. Nope. That’s what I do for a living. I don’t want to do a movie doing it… But Teddy Pendergrass, that’s different. I was there. I was there during the last days of him being on this earth. He said to my steppops, he told me himself, ‘I don’t want nobody else in this world to do this movie but you.’ At first it was an opportunity, now it’s a responsibility.”

Teddy Pendergrass became known for his distinct gospel, soulful sound as the lead singer of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes in the 1970s before going solo towards the end of the decade. His notable songs include “If You Dont Know Me By Now” with Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes and “Wake Up Everybody” and “Love TKO” as a solo artist. 

Pendergrass died in 2010 of respiratory issues arising after surgery for colon cancer. He was 59.

What do we think, will this be a worthwhile watch and will Tyrese do the film justice?