Stalley might be from the small town of Massillon, Ohio, but he’s determined to give back to the communities where hip hop was born. The MMG rapper will be heading to Brooklyn on December 6th to perform at the Scholarich Foundation’s new fundraiser/book drive, which aims to help under-privileged local children by providing them with much needed educational resources.

The non-profit Scholarich Foundation will be teaming up with co-sponsors The Source for a December campaign targeted mostly at middle-school and high-school students. Whilst the organisation already runs a variety of after-school programs in the area, they are hoping that this new drive will offer improved access to the books and supplies all children need to get on in life.

The Foundation will distribute books not only to local school children, but also to those incarcerated in juvenile delinquent centres around the city.

It’s truly a worthy cause, so if you’re in the area and free at the time get involved in whatever way you can. If not, there are plenty of charities through which you can make a difference by donating school supplies, not least Child Fund International.

[via AllHipHop]