Fresh from winning a Golden Globe award, American-Canadian political TV drama series Boss is due to start filming a second season; this time with new recruit Sanaa Lathan joining the cast.

Known for her roles in films Alien vs. Predator, Brown Sugar, Love & Basketball and Out Of Time, and more recently starring in a theatrical production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and voicing Cleveland’s wife Donna Brown in satirical TV cartoon The Cleveland Show, Lathan joins the cast of Boss in a regular role starring alongside Kelsey Grammer in his ongoing role as Tom, the mayor of Chicago.

The series, which began airing on the channel Starz in October 2011, centers around Grammer’s character – who has recently been diagnosed with DLB, a degenerative neurological disorder, but conceals his disease from most people in his life.

Sanaa’s character, Mona, will serve as not only the chief of staff but also somewhat of a love interest for Grammer’s character. Stay tuned.

[via Digital Spy]