In response to the widespread unrest, rioting and looting over the last five days in the UK, respected entrepreneur and co-founder of Def Jam Russell Simmons has recorded a special message for the youth in the United Kingdom who are affected by the recent rash of riots that began as a response to Mark Duggan being gunned down by the Metropolitan Police and eveolved into senseless looting, destruction, violence and murder.

I’ve been watching, like everyone else, the looting and riots going on in London, England. I’m looking at the pictures and videos of people burning cars, vandalizing stores and I’m frustrated. I filmed this video to urge those who are looting and rioting to please don’t join in and stop. —Russell Simmons

Although I applaud Mr Simmons for his message, I feel that his message alongside everything I’m hearing from the politicians doesn’t even begin to try and understand why the youth are in the state they are in now and why these events escalated so quickly. Even worse no one is even asking what is going to be done about the police officers that killed Mark Duggan!
We need some real answers and solutions now.