Not many Hip Hop artists get a chance to pick up non-music based awards, however with Grammy Award acclaim eluding him thus far in his music career, legend Nas can now add his name to the small of emcees that have won a non-music based award (following the likes of Three Six Mafia, Will Smith and Queen Latifa) and to an even smaller list of emcees that have won an Emmy, a list that includes Jay-Z.

Nasir was awarded a National Sports Emmy for his ESPN broadcast documentary Survival 1 [trailer below], a film that follows the inspirational journey of two Liberian amputee victims that had their limbs cut off during the Liberian civil war, who decided to form a soccer team.

Nas, who directed, produced and scored the documentary to take home the award, had this to say about his achievement, “After all these years of making music, I am honored to have this be the first award I ever won of this magnitude… An Emmy before a Grammy. Crazy [bleep]!”.

Survival 1 Trailer:

Congratulations sir… Clap for him.

[via Bossip]