Plans to make a film about Rolling Stone magazine’s “Greatest Guitarist of All Time”, Jimi Hendrix, starring Andre 3000 as the legendary musician have been on and off more times than we care to remember. But following reports that Hendrix’s estate blocked all use of his music in the film, it appears that the project has been given the green light, and will begin filming this month… in Ireland.

According to the Irish Film & Television Network, principle photography for the movie will start in the country by the end of May. Entitled All Is By My Side, the biopic will document Hendrix’s life in England between 1966-1967, following his discovery in a New York club by the girlfriend of The Rolling Stones member Keith Richards, who introduced him to his manager, Chas Chandler. It was under Chandler’s guidance that he crafted one of the best debut Rock albums of all time, Are You Experienced?

The film will star Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix, and will be directed by John Ridley (Three Kings, U-Turn, Undercover Brother).

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