While doing promo for the upcoming big-screen adaptation of late-’80s TV crime drama 21 Jump Street, filmmaker, producer, actor and HipHop icon Ice Cube sat down with BlackTree.tv to discuss his role in the new film, what he thinks about playing cops on screen, the progress of the final Friday movie and more.

Known in the HipHop world for his rebellious, anti-establishment stance and incendiary “gangsta rap” songs like the infamous “F–k The Police,” Cube is sometimes criticized for playing police officers in his movies. He was a cop in 2002’s All About the Benjamins, last year’s Rampart, and plays one in Jump Street.

Never one to back down from even an entire chorus of naysayers (see his song “No Vaseline” for proof), Cube’s response to the criticism was true to form: “I ain’t trippin’. It’s acting, it’s fun, it’s make-believe, it’s pretend. I trip off people that’s trippin’ off of it,” he said.

“I ain’t gon’ be a cop in real life but I’ll play one if they give me millions of dollars. Who wouldn’t?”

As for the fourth and final installment of his classic Friday series, Cube says, “That’s something people really want and somethin’ I’m excited about.” As for how many of the film’s original stars would be returning for the finale – fans have been long-clamoring for Chris Tucker to reprise his classic “Smokey” role – Cube seemed unsure but optimistic.

“Everybody seems like they wanna do it, but it’s really the script, making these deals and really putting the real rubber to the road that’s gonna determine who’s back and who’s not,” he explained before admitting, “I want everybody back. I’m gonna write everybody in and we’ll see who we can get.”

21 Jump Street hits theatres March 16th.

Watch the full interview below:

[Source: Diverse Hip-Hop]