Harry Finn-Conway was sentenced yesterday at Harrow Crown court to 12 months in jail for graffiti tagging several landmarks and properties belonging to London Underground System. The 22-year-old Kensal Rise art student, who is a well-known graffiti artist, was charged with 13 counts of criminal damage to property resulting in repairs costing at least £80,000.

Okay, so maybe “graffiti” on the Royal Navy Headquarters wasn’t the best idea. But with DI Paul Armstrong making reference to the “unsightly “Zerx” tag”, this seems to have a lot to do with personal taste and segregating the popular “urban” form of art that is graffiti tagging, and less to do with criminal damage.

If it was Banksy, do you think he’d be handed a 12-month prison sentence? Granted, they’d have to find him first.. and ruin the elusive unknown man’s (or woman’s) mystique.

[Source: The Evening Standard]